We try our best to provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.). The FAQ section is being regularly updated. Get in touch with us and our support team will be glad to help.  

Q&A – Frequently Asked Questions

What is GEC?

GEC – Green Energy & Consulting UAB is a Lithuanian company that sells equipment for the internal cleaning of various oil tanks, and ISO containers, also consults on fertilizer production processes and participates together with partners in various production and energy projects.

How to contact you?

All our contacts are provided on the “Contact Us” page.

Are you open to cooperation?

By all means, we are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation and are open to business cooperation and commercial proposals.

Do you sell products?

Yes, our company is a representative of the factory, we sell equipment which is the mobile complex JetPetroClean used for the internal cleaning of petroleum storage tanks.

Do you hire people?

Yes, we are hiring. Please send your CV so that we can review it.

Do you use marketing services?

Marketing, advertising, and increasing brand awareness are relevant for every business.

Where do you sell your equipment?

We sell worldwide.

Where is the factory located?

Located in Tallinn, Estonia