About Us

Company is working with partners in different countries

Our key CONSULTING Features

Connecting Partners, Powering Progress.


Our Mission

To provide the highest benefit consultation services for our customers and help them in solving different issues in sectors such as Manufacturing, Fertilizer, Oil, Insurance and IT.


Our Goal

Our Goal is to be a reliable partner and build long lasting relationship. We work hard to retain our pool of existing customers and suppliers in order we all together could continue successful expansion.


Why Us?

Together with our partners, we can organize financing for energetic projects in the European Union and the Eurasian Union and provide appropriate consultancy throughout the project.


Worldwide TankTech

Company is working with  partners in different countries, as a core business produces and sells equipment of petroleum storage tank cleaning, carry out works of the preparation for loading and maintenance of tank wagons, petrol filling station tank cleaning and inspection.

New generation of oil and petroleum storage tank cleaning equipment

JetPetroClean™ is proprietary system for internal cleaning of oil and petroleum products storage tanks. Cleaning technology base on the “closed loop” principle, in which a washing agent (flush water, technical water solution) circulates in a closed circuit from the system’s work vessels through a pressure pump to the automated tank-cleaning machine, then from the washable tank back to the washing system’s work vessels. Manufacturer conduct a flexible policy towards its customers and can offer customized solutions for specific conditions or customer requirements.

R&D Department


Can be cleaned

Storage Tanks

Horizontal, cylindrical up to 100 m3

Petrol Stations

Internal cleaning of various tanks

Technological Pipelines

by the method of circulation

Unlocking Potential

System includes overpasses (scaffolds) in order to access to the upper part of the car or wagon tank. Also includes pipe products for forming a pipe block of pressure and pumping set of pipelines. Also all kind of stationary tanks, the system allows for the internal cleaning of various transport tanks such as tank cars, tank wagons, ISO tank containers. The set of equipment of the system as a whole is quite flexible and may have more usable cases than indicated. Possible usage mainly depends on the qualifications of the service personnel and their experience with the system.