Connecting Partners, Powering Progress

The company has a wide network of business contacts and high-level professional consultants who can provide on-demand consultation on issues related to Retail, Logistics, Oil, Fertilizer, Insurance, and the IT sector.


Alongside our partners, the company can arrange financing for various energy projects in the European Union and the Eurasian Union.

Equipment sales

New generation of oil and petroleum storage tank cleaning equipment. Equipment for petroleum storage tank cleaning, railroad tank wagons cleaning and preparation for loading, petrol filling station tank cleaning and inspection, ISO tank containers cleaning and preparation. Enhance safety and operational efficiency with an environmentally friendly system.

Cleaning services in EU

Our partners are prepared to offer internal cleaning services for oil and petroleum product storage tanks across all of Europe.


Together with our partners, we can provide Marine Insurance, Business Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Trade Credit Insurance.


We have a team of high-class specialists who can provide advice on questions related to the production process of nitrogen fertilizers. They are also capable of enhancing production processes, preparing construction projects for new companies, and implementing them according to customer demands.




  • Global Reach: Access to a worldwide network of partners and consultants.
  • Expertise: High-level specialists in various fields, including IT, petroleum and fertilizers sectors.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored advice and solutions for specific customer needs.
  • Nitrogen Fertilizers: Specialized knowledge in nitrogen fertilizer production and process improvement.
  • Global Energy Partnerships: Collaborative opportunities for energy projects around the world.
  • Equipment: Production and sale of cutting-edge petroleum storage tank cleaning equipment.


Mobile system

System is designed for scheduled maintenance of the tanks at the petrol filling stations, factory territory. The system allows internal cleaning and degassing of fuel storage tanks in order to prepare them for internal inspection (flaw detection) and for possible repair works inside the tank, including fireworks.  The main advantage of the system is its complete autonomy and the ability to perform internal cleaning of the tanks in automatic mode. The system does not require connection to electricity, water supply and other resources on the site, which allows it to be used in almost any condition or condition of the filling station.