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Consulting Services

The company has a wide network of business contacts and high-level professional consultants who can provide on-demand consultation on issues related to Retail, Logistics, Oil, Fertilizer, Insurance, and the IT sector.


We have a team of high-class specialists who can provide advice on questions related to the production process of nitrogen fertilizers. They are also capable of enhancing production processes, preparing construction projects for new companies, and implementing them according to customer demands.

Equipment sales

New generation of oil and petroleum storage tank cleaning equipment. Equipment for petroleum storage tank cleaning, railroad tank wagons cleaning and preparation for loading, petrol filling station tank cleaning and inspection, ISO tank containers cleaning and preparation. Enhance safety and operational efficiency with an environmentally friendly system.

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Storage tank cleaning equipment

Various Transport Tanks

The standard set allows for preparation up to 10 railway tank cars after HFO products or up to 20 tank cars after light oil products per daily shift. This option of the system includes overpasses (scaffolds) in order to access to the upper part of the car or wagon tank. Also includes pipe products for forming a pipe block of pressure and pumping set of pipelines.

Huge Stationary Tanks

Our system and equipment parameters allows cleaning of all available tank sizes on a refinery territory. Horizontal, cylindrical, capacity up to 100 m3. Vertical, cylindrical tanks with internal diameter from 30 м. and more. JetPetroClean tank cleaning units in these systems can have a working pressure up 20 bar.

Stationary Horizontal Tanks

In addition to all kind of stationary tanks, the system allows for the internal cleaning of various transport tanks such as tank cars, tank wagons, ISO tank containers. No preliminary construction works are necessary for placing the equipment.

Mobile Complex

Mobile system is designed for scheduled maintenance of the tanks at the petrol filling stations, factory territory. The system allows internal cleaning and degassing of fuel storage tanks in order to prepare them for internal inspection (flaw detection) and for possible repair works inside the tank, including fireworks.  The main advantage of the system is its complete autonomy and the ability to perform internal cleaning of the tanks in automatic mode.

Hydraulic Monitors

The main hydromonitor is an uncontrolled rotating two-stage monitor with a working pressure of up to 20 bar. This monitor allows mechanically wash tanks with a diameter of up to 30 meters, regardless of the height of the tank. Additionally, the system is equiped with an uncontrolled rotating two-stage hydraulic monitor with a working pressure of up to 10 bar. This hydraulic monitor can be used for internal cleaning of horizontal cylindrical tanks.

Technological Pipelines

The system allows you to clean the technological pipelines by the method of circulation with their full filling. In case the volume of pipelines is larger than the working volume of the flushing system, it is necessary to use additional storage tanks of flushing water (ISO tank containers or available tanks). It is recommended to wash simultaneously two pairs of parallel pipelines. This allows you to connect to pipelines on one side and connect (loop) them on the opposite. For pipelines of light oil products (diesel fuel, gasoline) in a warm season it is allowed to use the system without heating.



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We have top high class specialists who are able to advise on various questions regarding production process of nitrogen fertilizers, improve production processes. Also we help in solving different issues in sectors such as Manufacturing, Fertilizer, Oil, Insurance and IT.